Photographing the Range

These photographs were taken a few years back in the Tall Grass Prairie National Preserve in Kansas. It was late autumn, which probably isn’t the ideal time for nature photography (it certainly wasn’t the ideal time for camping–it’s hard to light a fire when the wind blows through your campsite at 30-some miles per hour).  Still, there’s a sense of vastness to the place that is difficult to describe unless you’re standing there looking at the horizon in all directions. Hiking around the preserve gave me a lot of inspiration for one of my stories.

A year after these photos were taken, the Nature Conservancy introduced a herd of buffalo that (I believe) still runs about the place. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of them.

(Click to Enlarge)

It might not look like it from this photo, but the Flint Hills actually are hills.

*The* Little House on the Prairie. Nah, I kid. But it is an old one-room school.

Close up of Big bluestem, or Prairie Tallgrass. This stuff used to cover most of North America, but most of it was plowed under for farmland.

Hey! Found a couple of trees!


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