Like a Boss Winter Camp, Day One

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Every Wednesday this month I will be spending 8:00 am to 5:00 pm in a management training seminar that I am calling Like a Boss Winter Camp. Because it’s kinda run like a summer camp…but it’s winter….and the goal is for me to learn how to act “like a boss.” Never mind the fact that I’ve already been a manager for a couple of years now.

In case you haven’t been following along today, I’m somewhat-live-blogging the course at my Tumblr. Now that the day’s over, I thought I’d collect all of the entries here for easy reading.

7:53, and none of the good seats are left, forcing me to sit up front. This is the same room where I had orientation, and apparently it’s the same instructor. Fun. It’s day one of my management seminar. Apparently my six previous years of management experience at a university, which qualified me for my position, are just aren’t sufficient enough for me to skip this. The coffee is stale. The bagels are stale. I have been warned to expect some summer camp crap. Mood: Not Optimistic.

9:44 – received the expect blanket prohibition on phones and associated devices first off. The word “motivate” has been used twice. Topics covered have included executive haircuts and how to mix an old fashioned. After the break we’ll be discussing when to ask employees to work on a Saturday and the Don Draper vs. Roger Sterling models of management.

Lunchtime. I’ve decided to adopt a more Draper-ian management style full of drinking, mysterious absences, and silent, judgmental stares.

Day one summary: Three hours. Three hours with no break discussing the best way to conduct evaluations.
After that we moved on to audits, the gist of which was that THEY are watching, and everyone is suspect.
Needless to say, the morning was better, ironically. But now the day is over, and I can work on my Draper-esque drinking skills.



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