Like a Boss Winter Camp, Day Two

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7:55 am. Back at Boss School today. Looks like today’s agenda will cover fair labor standards (and how to bypass them), minion benefits packages vs. henchman benefits packages, and procedures governing the use of the merry-go-round in the staff commissary.

12:13 pm. I don’t even know what was covered this morning, but there was nothing in there about the merry-go-round. However, apparently the Fair Labor Standards Act does not apply to workers classified as “expendable minions.” That’s good news. I didn’t even want to think about the liabilities that might arise out of Friday’s raid on the chemistry lab. Scientists fight dirty.

1:01 pm. Looks like I’m getting out of here early. Front page story in the campus paper is about a pest and mold infestation at the student union food court.
I, of course, did not read the paper before eating at the student union food court. Thanks for the salmonella, Sbarro!

1:10 pm. Holy shit it’s Bill Nye.

2:19 pm. We have overthrown society and established a new order. I wish I was joking.

5:18 pm. Day 2 complete. Re: the creating a new utopian order exercise, on my own I created something out of Plato’s Republic. In the group I was moderated into creating Canada.


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