Like a Boss Winter Camp, Day Three

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7:54 am. Day 3 begins. The end is in sight of I can survive the next 8 hours with a portion of my sanity intact. This morning’s topic, Ganondorf, Bowser, and Darth Vader: Seven Habits of Highly Effective Managers.
Also, it’s heartwarming to see that HR has the same AV set up issues that everyone else does.

9:10 am. The guy delivering the “Don’t Get the University Sued!” presentation remembers when John D. Rockefeller used to strap starving children to his feet to go nude ice skating with his secretaries. After this presentation, I am now terrified of everyone. The only way to avoid being accused of some impropriety may be to hide under a table in a dark room and never talk to ANYONE.
Please don’t sue me. Please?
Next: video time.

9:57 am. Sexual harassment film was circa 1991, at the latest. Lesson learned: do not engage in quid pro quo or retaliation at any Georgia-Pacific plant, or John Larroquette’s doppelgänger will fire you on the spot.

10:47 am. Seventeenth cup of coffee: engage.

12:18 pm. Cyborgs are *not* a protected class under ADA. Alcoholics are, though.

1:04 pm. The guys from Big Bang Theory are here to talk about IT solutions.

1:58 pm. Hrreaaaggglblrragrrraaaarrrrrrrr……

8:20 pm. Day 3 complete. Summary: hrrrraaagrrrblllaaa.
I have one more day of this.

Also, if I ever pass you on the street and we make eye contact, please don’t sue me for sexual harassment. It’s not intentional, I swear.


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